10” Plush Alpaca Mama Pearl

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These are truly the best fur alpacas made anywhere. This process has been refined to make this marvelous ethical genuine fur sculpture. Each little guy is completely handmade with tons of attention and care for detail. It really is a soft sculpture and each one has its own personality. The eyes are carefully trimmed but are left with a natural appearance to emulate the alpaca and their cute eye-covered look. The eyes are applied with plastic washers to avoid corrosion or accidental release. The snouts are made from high-end baby alpaca fabric to offset the alpaca fur. The noses and mouths are hands sewn for a spectacular look on every alpaca. The stuffing is a hypoallergenic fill. Whether they are for a special child, a collector, or yourself, it is nice to know that you are purchasing something special. Due to the handcrafting process, each piece is unique with variations.
Made in Peru

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