Be Brave Enamel Pin Silver Plated

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The pin badge with its hues of enameled night sky blues is an original design by Bonbi Forest’s Lee Foster-Wilson and features the phrase ‘Be Brave’ surrounded by shining metallic stars and a crescent moon.

Designed to be like a modern talisman with its message of positivity, ambition, and looking forward it is the perfect gift for someone at a new stage in their life or about to embark on a big adventure…doing important exams, starting at a new school, college or job of their dreams, off on their travels, reaching a milestone birthday or taking a leap into the unknown, ‘Be Brave’ is a thoughtful and simple reminder of the lionheart somewhere deep in all of us.

Measurements: The badge measures approx 2.5cm at its widest point.
Made in the United Kingdom

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