Degas Denim Alpaca Unisex Socks L

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Inspired by artist Degas, this sumptuous alpaca sock is knit to be as comfortable as they are pretty. The perfect blend of alpaca, elastic, nylon, and lycra, these socks are for shoes ranging from business formal to jeans and sneakers. While they'll keep your toes super warm in the cold, they can be worn most of the year because of how well our natural fibers breathe.

~ Optimal alpaca blend for warmth and smoothness

~ Natural moisture-wicking qualities

~ Great protection yet zero itchiness

~ Machine wash cold, air dry

~ Proudly Made in North Carolina USA

~ Baby Alpaca 80% Nylon 15% Spandex 5%

~ Size M fits 7-10 women, 8-9 men

Made in Peru


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