The Original BEE'S Wax Furniture Polish

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Since 1974 The Original Bee's Wax Old World Formula Furniture Polish is simply the best. It leaves no fingerprints, has no wax buildup over time and it requires no buffing. It is anti-static and actually repels dust so the surface stays cleaner longer. Use it to clean and polish any kind of furniture from antiques to highly polished contemporary and painted styles, leather upholstery, stainless steel appliances, mirrors and windows, countertops and so much more. This product was named The Best furniture polish by House Beautiful Magazine.

Perfect for any kind of stone including marble, granite and quartzite countertops, whether polished or honed

Use it on your stainless steel appliances to virtually eliminate fingerprints

Cleans and polishes other metals such as copper, brass, silver and wrought iron

Product is an excellent glass and mirror cleaner and makes glass seem invisible and prevents fogging

When used on your shower doors and tile walls, it prevents soap scum buildup and the surfaces stay vibrant

Cleans and moisturizes leather furniture, car seats, shoes and purses with no greasy feel

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